Horses and Hounds 

Action and color.  Standing in the fields or stands of  the Tryon Steeplechase,  Churchill Downs, and the Camden Carolina Cup create great excitement and  inspiration. Horses with their beautiful lines and muscles run with side by side, just as excited as the spectators on the sidelines.   Horses with jockeys provide a beautiful silhouette and nuance of light and dark.  Standing at the easel, my brush starts with base layers of muted values. As the image builds the color and brushwork seek to provide the action.

After an opportunity to follow the Middleton Place Hounds, the pageantry of the horses with their hunters garbed in their pink jackets, I could not wait to try to capture the beautiful Charleston day and this look into the past. The Hounds are from the fox hunts where it seems hundreds of hounds run through the forest following the trumpet sniffing out the fox. Saluda Coon Dog day gathers many from the Southeast for howling and hunting competitions.