Ginger Lily (24x36 Oil on Canvas)

I was asked a few days ago why I described myself as a “contemporary impressionist” oil painter. First, I am alive and well and I would like to think young and relevant - thus contemporary. Impressionist because my paintings are my interpretation of the subject using techniques to maintain the subject but push the form. I am generally working from reality in my stoosely defined, I begin to make choices based on the development of

Model In White (18x14 Oil on Board) the painting not the source of the subject.

I am drawn especially to floral still life and landscapes because they both lend themselves to softening the edges and taking liberty with the subject. My paintings generally have a clear subject - a still life, a landscape, a figure but I utilize the color or brushwork to create beyond the impression. I am trying to capture the subject by sculpting the shapes on the canvas, forming the subject stroke by stroke.

Red Landscape (15x30 Oil on Canvas)