Spring in the South is famous for many things- flowers blooming, beautiful warmer weather, and the steeplechase. Some of the country's most prominent races take place right here, south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Full Steam, 36x48 Oil on Canvas

From the Carolina Cup to the sprawling green fields of Kentucky, racing horses is an age old tradition every southern spring. Steeplechase and track events have become a favorite focus of my paintings. The vivid color and action of the horses make for an exciting energy I hope to capture on canvas.

By A Nose, 20x24 Oil on Canvas

Last year after a day at Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby runs, I could not gallop home fast enough to get some paint on the canvas. A good day in the studio often follows a strong sensory experience like a day at the races.

Turning the Corner, 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Original riders in steeplechase would use a community church steeple as a guide to stay on course, visible over the tops of trees as they jumped over obstacles. It is no surprise steeplechase has found a home here in the South, a land still dotted with the spires of churches and rolling green hills.

Whether it is the silk of the jockeys, the flower blanket presented at the end, or the brightly colored hats in attendance, horse racing has found a way into my collections and deepened my appreciation of the South.